Why Haven Builders?

Haven Builders focuses on building homes with the utmost care and precision. Our goal is not only to build the highest quality home for our customers, but we want to make the entire building process enjoyable. We are dedicated to good communication to keep our homeowners informed, so sound decisions can be made throughout construction. Ultimately, we strive for complete homeowner satisfaction. We want to build a beautiful home where a family can grow and create memories together.

Our Philosophy

Although we take great pride in all aspects of home construction quality, we pay extra attention to all structural aspects of your home. We strongly believe that if the structural components of home construction - excavation, footings, foundation, drainage, framing, and roofing - are completed well, all other aspects of the home will fall into place. Poor foundation and framing impacts the final aesthetics of the home as it leads to poor interiors. Drywall, tile, carpentry, and other finishes cannot hide poor framing.

Further, structural problems are extremely difficult and expensive to correct after the home is built, so we want to take the time to do it right. The vast majority of foundation and structural problems are created from water - improper drainage from poor planning and/or poor construction. We take great care to insure water is properly collected and moved away from the home's foundation. Insuring all structural aspects of a home are constructed well is our highest priority.

Once the structural components are completed well, we are extremely meticulous about all rough-in and finish work. We want the systems to be designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. Visually, we want your home to look beyond exceptional when completed.

Image of Steve Nguyen

Steve Nguyen, P.E. is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado. His 20 years of experience practicing civil engineering provides added value as he understands survey, soils, groundwater, drainage, foundations, and structural engineering. Steve's education and skill set are truly unique in this industry. Steve is extremely detail-oriented and fanatical about foundation and structural problems. He takes great care to insure the concrete work, steel reinforcement, surface and groundwater drainage, compaction, and framing are completed well.

Steve graduated from Colorado State University. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys. He enjoys golf, tennis and fly fishing in his free time and supporting his children in their sports and activities. Steve is also active in his church and has a heart to help children in need in other countries.


Rick Armistead is Haven’s primary superintendent. Rick has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. He has a heart to serve and enjoys working with people. Rick likes to golf, hunt and race cars in his free time.

Gary Diede

Gary Diede, P.E. is also a superintendent for Haven and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado. Gary has over 40 years of experience in the civil engineering and construction industry. He enjoys riding motorcycles in his free time and spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Steve, Rick and Gary know how to build a home of the highest quality due to their ability to build a cohesive team, manage subcontractors and schedules, and exceed client expectation. They take much pride in the aesthetics of a home and want the interiors to exude quality. From framing and rough-in to drywall and interiors, Steve, Rick and Gary insure proper construction and installation so visually walls are level and lines are straight. They like to build high quality homes and create a truly enjoyable experience for all involved during the process.

Together, Steve, Rick and Gary provide a knowledge base and experience that is unequaled for a home builder. Their backgrounds encompass all aspects of engineering and construction of a home. This, coupled with their meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to make the entire process enjoyable, will provide the highest quality experience and home for you. You can be confident that with Haven Builders, you will have a home that will not only look beautiful, but one that will last.

Image of Dennis Schick

Dennis Schick is the team leader for TEAM SCHICK representing numerous builders, buyers and sellers throughout the Northern Colorado area. Dennis is a partner at REMAX ALLIANCE, the 4th largest REMAX franchise in the world. With offices throughout Colorado, REMAX ALLIANCE offers services for buyers and sellers with the latest technologies in all parts of the state.

Dennis oversees his team of 16 partners and assistants with a hands-on approach to working with their buyers and sellers. "Each person brings so much to our team and we have the right sales representative for any given situation and any client."

Dennis' number one asset is his relationship with the builders he represents. "Our team is the top in the new construction environment. We understand the building industry and can assist our buyers in the process of building the home of their dream."

Dennis graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. "My entire life, I have been a part of this community. That is why I chose to stay here through college and open my business here. This is the area I love being a part of."

Along with a great background from the building industry, Dennis prides himself on staying up to date with current building trends through continuing education. "Being informed allows us to help our clients with all of their needs, concerns and questions."

Image of Jon Rentfrom

Rentfrow Design, LLC. was founded by Jon Rentfrow in 1995. Jon established the business to follow his passion for architecture. He has strived to develop a company that glorifies his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by focusing on maintaining long-term relationships with clients. Jon believes building a relationship begins with satisfying the customer with a design that meets their unique desires and personal lifestyles. Jon's approach is to design a distinctive home by 'Creating Moods in Individual Spaces'. Jon is an award-winning designer and is a Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Designers (AIBD). Jon received his Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Colorado State University in 1994. Jon works out of his personal residence to afford time with his wife, Elisha and three sons, Nicholas, Jathan, and Zekiah. Jon enjoys riding his bike, playing softball and golf, and investing time at his church.